August 24, 2011



These are some patterns I created for an up and coming yoga wear company last week. It was pretty fun to do. Its made me super excited about a screen printing class I'm going to be taking next month with my mama at Harvest Workroom. I have a few things in mind for that class (maybe a few too many!). I'm not really sure of what to expect but I am pretty excited about it. Has anyone else done one of their classes?

Also, Josie's show for the fringe is coming up!

Just Like The Movies

Where has this year gone exactly?

August 16, 2011


Sometimes things work, sometimes they don't.

Sometimes, you can mended things.

Sometimes, if you break something, you can improvise:

if plants could say hi

Sometimes you remember something you adored from long ago.

Sometimes you get things stuck in your head:

Sometimes it's really good to pop in for tea:

sunday tea

August 11, 2011

Noticing Patterns

I like things. My house is stuffed full with things. Now, I know a lot of other people like things too, so here are a few pictures:

noticing patterns #1

I love that doily, I like that it's both delicate and bold. In a way it reminds me of an optical illusion, sometimes I will trace the crochet stitches with my eyes to figure out where the maker made their happy mistake, I find it difficult to tell.

noticing patterns #2

noticing patterns #3

I've been arranging and organising my paper hoards. Yes, I collect paper, specifically envelopes. I love finding different patterns on the inside. So, naturally, you can imagine my excitement when I got a "special" letter from my electricity company, only to discover that the inside of the envelope had a prettier pattern than the usual e-in-a-box thing. I know it's only scrap paper but I adore it.

I have only just got to sit down to start on a freelance job that involves pattern making. I am a little excited about it. I like to make collages as a distraction apparently. I'll call it research.

August 2, 2011

a lot of this: ...

...Well, well, well, it's about time I posted something I've completed drawing-wise:

starry sky

A version of her may need to meet a Gocco and she will at some point...Once I have cash.
*** *** ***

Dear Life sans structure,
You are poor (financially) but actually, pretty rich. I've done so many inspiring things lately, for example:

crafty things

Crafty things little markety things, as well as some crochet (for myself)...a little too much crochet, perhaps? (But no where near as near as some!)

home cooked

Eating lots of home made things like: muesli, baked eggs and coffee cupcakes with cinnamon cream cheese frosting (the cases we bought for the cupcakes (at the eleventh hour) were too big! boo!)...

Lots of music listening I only just got Broadcast and The Focus Group's Investigate Witch Cults of the Radio Age and I can't put it down...


Listening to various podcasts. Vicarious learning? Yes please...

I was lucky enough to go and see the Vienna exhibition at the NGV. I was so stunned that I spent the evening after viewing it in some sort of stunned state. Seeing work that you've loved for a long time, really!'s wonderful. I can't think of any other way to explain it. Try it sometime!

...BUT everything changed come Thursday afternoon! I got a little work and a new project, with another (potentially) on the horizon (I sure hope so at least, because it is a super exciting opportunity!).

All I can say is keep it coming...