December 24, 2011

a quick note on Frances Baker (behind-the-scenes)


My lovely friend Jo from Frances Baker posted some photos I took as a behind-the-scenes look at her newest (and most wonderful) collection for Summer 2011/12 (inspired by The Virgin Suicides and Stealing Beauty no less!!)


It was such a wonderful day, Jo went to all the trouble of providing food (sushi and cupcakes :D) And it was so great to watch how everyone worked together. I helped out around the place if they needed an extra pair of hands!

photoshoot_3we're looking rather goofy here! I think think one was taken by Kat
You can see the proper post over at Frances Baker


p.s. Happy Holidays!! is it Christmas already?!

November 25, 2011

loving and leaving

lovingandleaving 1
lovingandleaving 2


I have lived at a little house in Brunswick for two years now. It's been the longest I've been in one place since I moved to Melbourne, so I am pretty attached to the little place (I repeat myself on the little thing because, well, i ain't kidding). Kat has been my house mate through some pretty fun, turbulent and exciting times. Sometimes I wonder how we got through it all, RMIT, sharing such a tiny space through life's little trials. It wasn't all hard though. There have been many early morning/late night heart to hearts, (we once decided on a D 'n M safe word - for when things get a little tooooo deep...or off topic.) I will miss shooting the breeze with this lady while we wait for the kettle to boil, Making cat noises at each other when there is nothing else to say, decorating the house together, you name it, I'll miss it.

lovingandleaving 4
lovingandleaving 3
lovingandleaving 6

lovingandleaving 7

Our home has become a sort of creative nest and it's only been these last few days packing that I've begun to realise how many fond memories will revolve around Mitchell St. At times I felt so attached to them that I didn't want to move on, but the time has come. Kat is going to travel and grow and have a wonderful time exploring all that the world has to offer. I will move to Coburg with my lovely friend Hannah and her beautiful kitty, Jemima and continue to study. The Coburg house has so much to offer, there's a garden and space to boot! Did I mention floorboards and air conditioning? Holy heck! No more toilet noises in the night. No more old carpet (don't get me wrong, i love the carpet but it's definitely past it's prime) Plus nothing, NOTHING beats cleaning, organising and letting things go.

lovingandleaving 5
lovingandleaving 9
lovingandleaving 8
lovingandleaving 10
lovingandleaving 11
lovingandleaving 12

So how does one deal with such a thing? By making a mix about loving and leaving of course. Some say change is the only constant in life, other people say it's better than a holiday. I'm sure I am not the only person at the moment who is loving and leaving, so this mix might also be good for some of you out there in the wide old world as well.

October 26, 2011

Springtime Picnic

We had a picnic at the National Rhododendron Gardens recently to celebrate spring and all it's goodness.
Here are some photos I took with my beloved AE-1 of the day.
I am feeling especially lazy today, so if you would like to, you can read about the picnic in more detail over here. Josie and Katie went to the trouble to make dresses especially for the occasion, there was a special spring mix for the car ride and plenty of delicious things to eat, all in all a pretty spectacular day.
Just in case you were wondering, this post be IMAGE HEAVY!















October 13, 2011

Where have I been?

Not anywhere terribly exciting...well, that might be a bit of a lie.

Freelance work has kind of got me a little busy (I am also looking for something a little more permanent). I finally got some kind of folio together which was great.

Otherwise life has involved plenty of wonderful things: Picnics, many dinners with lovely friends, a little too much frivolity (is there such a thing)?, Josie's show has come and gone with a BANG!, I got to re-do the Vienna exhibition (amongst others), purchased a few wonderful books, helped a friend out with an art project, drew many things, got together with some wonderful people and helped make some blankets.

It's all been a little surreal.

Yellow Cats Maidenhair Fern Terrarium Desk Glitter and Diamonds closed Glitter and Diamonds peek Glitter and Diamonds open good books Blanket 1 Blanket 2

September 13, 2011

Pagan Poetry

I have been pretty lucky to have my Mama visit me twice in a month. The weekend just passed (best belated birthday weekend, period!) we stayed in a hotel which I haven't done in years and years. We ate many delicious things (among the best: lamb at The Panama Dining Room, followed by the most amazing little handmade chocolates. I also had a pretty delicious vegetable pot-pie from Von Haus), we drank one too many bottles of good French and Spanish wine, we had many interesting conversations too. I learned that my Mum wanted to name me Lucrezia after Lucrezia Borgia? (but didn't because my dad wanted to name me Tatiana and they couldn't agree...then a song came on the radio and ta-da, Sarah.) I miss talking endlessly to her, she's super smart.

Perhaps most excitingly, I learned to screen print my own fabric. The class we took was held at the Harvest Workroom and was very intensive, I can't believe how much we fit in! But everyone who was there was wonderfully friendly and Lara, who runs the class was really patient and super lovely.
The first day we learned the basics and on the second we learned to design a Swiss repeat. Oh man, designing patterns is so very exciting!! I had my repeat pattern in mind as it was one that I had began to design for a previous job (but it wasn't really appropriate for the brand...sort of lucky really because I loved it so much for myself!).

I had a little trouble flooding my screen and also, sort of rushed printing my repeats so they aren't as crisp and lovely as I would have liked...BUT! I think it was pretty good for a first try. I can't wait to make things out of fabric that I designed and printed myself :D

Mum's patterns were really great, she's like a modern girlish William Morris! I can't wait to see what she does with her fabric. She's all fired up to get a studio going at home in Adelaide, which would be truly amazing.

Screen printing is such a wonderful process, I can highly recommend it! I know a lot of friends who have been wanting to try it out and all I can say is please DO, you won't regret it. It feels so good to get your hands dirty (literally!) and the whole process is entirely wonderful. Doing something which involves more than just sitting at a computer is so incredibly exciting! (I'm going to be daydreaming about this little adventure for a while I think!!)

Apart from being very lucky, I have also been doing many homely things (as usual), like:

Finishing a crochet project in a few days (a record for me!). I designed it on my own which was pretty cool because I haven't really done that before...

And, acquiring a new house plant. So far this guy is doing really well (here's hoping he holds up)

I have also had this song stuck in my head for days and days:

August 24, 2011



These are some patterns I created for an up and coming yoga wear company last week. It was pretty fun to do. Its made me super excited about a screen printing class I'm going to be taking next month with my mama at Harvest Workroom. I have a few things in mind for that class (maybe a few too many!). I'm not really sure of what to expect but I am pretty excited about it. Has anyone else done one of their classes?

Also, Josie's show for the fringe is coming up!

Just Like The Movies

Where has this year gone exactly?

August 16, 2011


Sometimes things work, sometimes they don't.

Sometimes, you can mended things.

Sometimes, if you break something, you can improvise:

if plants could say hi

Sometimes you remember something you adored from long ago.

Sometimes you get things stuck in your head:

Sometimes it's really good to pop in for tea:

sunday tea

August 11, 2011

Noticing Patterns

I like things. My house is stuffed full with things. Now, I know a lot of other people like things too, so here are a few pictures:

noticing patterns #1

I love that doily, I like that it's both delicate and bold. In a way it reminds me of an optical illusion, sometimes I will trace the crochet stitches with my eyes to figure out where the maker made their happy mistake, I find it difficult to tell.

noticing patterns #2

noticing patterns #3

I've been arranging and organising my paper hoards. Yes, I collect paper, specifically envelopes. I love finding different patterns on the inside. So, naturally, you can imagine my excitement when I got a "special" letter from my electricity company, only to discover that the inside of the envelope had a prettier pattern than the usual e-in-a-box thing. I know it's only scrap paper but I adore it.

I have only just got to sit down to start on a freelance job that involves pattern making. I am a little excited about it. I like to make collages as a distraction apparently. I'll call it research.