November 25, 2010

I missed you, cardigan.

You've never quite been the same since that accidental warm wash at the Laundromat.
At first you went missing for a month after a party. Then I left you in the bottom of a green bag in the back of a friends car for eleven months.

Today I finally went to get you. It's been a really cold, lonely winter without you. But you're back now and I'm going to make sure that I hold on to you a little tighter.

certainly pedestrian

I am not crazy about this poster, that's for sure. However, I am crazy about the glyphs pallet in Bickham Script Pro and Whitney.

I played around a lot with this one, for better or worse. Some of the little roughs will probably be good for some other things. So, it's not all bad...but it is a little crummy.

November 20, 2010



The biggest plus side of not having money is having time to just sit around on the floor and draw.

Lowtide Poster

A friend asked if I would like to do a poster for his band. Here it is. I spent a while trying to draw something, then realised it was a silly idea and went ahead with some photos. I'm slowly warming to photoshop.

If you don't know them, you should give Lowtide (previously Three Month Sunset) a listen. They have such an excellent sound.

November 15, 2010

Things that make me happy:

Last monday I went to my friend's place and we played a little $3 Strawberry Shortcake Uno (I lost something like 4 to 11), we drank cider, ate dinner and watched Machete outside. It was pretty awesome.

Flowers on Lygon Street.

Cat watch with Kat. Check out that pile of baby cats. We were beside ourselves.

These gardens give me serious garden envy. The lemon tree is a particular favourite of mine. Give me that yard, a nice day, a little radio and a good book any day.

A nice simple sign, some good colours and patterns.

And finally, banana bread straight from the oven and weekend buckwheat pancakes. You can't beat them.

November 8, 2010



A poster I did for The Parking Lot Experiments, who are playing at The Workers Club's 1st Birthday Bash this weekend. Exciting.

I've been on a bit of a drawing bender the last few days. Lot's of hand drawn type. A few squiggly illustrations. I think my favourite part of this whole poster is the number cloud. My least favourite part is definitely the word birthday...

November 1, 2010

break my heart

(image from: Toothpaste Frosting)

I like Catrina Dulay, she's a girl after my own heart* She also creates some really awesome work. Her "In A Perfect World" collection of illustrations are particularly good but the image above is one that I absolutely adore. She says:
"Now when you tear it apart, you can at least do it carefully with the added benefit of cleanliness. It's a playful... and sad."

Playful and sad might be two of my favourite things.

*she believes in breakfast for dinner

a little inspiration for a cold monday

Steve Powers aka ESPO does these awesome hand painted murals. I really adore his work. A while ago he was featured on The Selby and something about him made an impression on me. I think it might be the honesty, or maybe the colour schemes, or perhaps it's the fact that his work is done by hand?

Anyway, Kitsune Noir featured some of his works in progress a couple of days ago. And so I checked it out a little further.

This one grabbed my attention immediately:

(via Kitsune Noir)

And then this pretty much killed me:

(via Steve Power's First and Fifteenth.)


You should most definitely check him out!