June 23, 2010

meet the beats

just a quick a2 poster for my friend's beatnik themed party this weekend. the title is taken from an article in an old newspaper that i stumbled across at my old place of employment. i had a photo of it...but then i lost it.

June 22, 2010


- i got batteries for my camera. they are re-chargable so i can also use them in my mighty mouse. this makes work fun again. then i decided i should get some film. i am yet to get film. but i will.

- i started my two week work placement at makedo such a fun, lovely little place. i'm thinking my brains out about something to make. i need some serious inspiration.

-i haven't been this happy in a LONG time. being sardined on to a train seems nice when it isn't commonplace and you can see out of a window. lots of frosty grass and condensation this morning. winter is here. i love melbourne winters. love love love them. i holidayed in melbourne in the winter. i moved here in the winter. everything is icy and smoke billows from everywhere and the cold is bracing and nothing beats walking to the train, feet crunching through grass, warm coffee in hands, sun rising, toes freezing, being a prat.

- i love this song stupidly.

- i am stupidly tired. they busier you are...the busier you are...there aren't enough hours in the day but not in a stressful rip-my-hair-out way...more like enjoying every free moment to take in everthing that's going on around me.

photos added crummy-like because i am tired and sleepy. bed is warm and cozy, the internet is not.


more fake flowers

ritzy chintzy

good shop window

things i found in my dressing table