May 18, 2010


So busy. Getting my life together slowly/life being happily swallowed up by school and work.

Some school chums and myself were recently short-listed for this Smiggle/RMIT collab it was a shock to me, considering the shoddiness of my design (I didn't even get the line weights right on my final mock-ups) and the fact that i was up all night finishing the day before it was due. Oh well. Yesterday morning involved: getting up at an ungodly hour, an awkward presentation in a boardroom at the Just Group and to top it all off, a million year photo shoot. Everyone else's work was pretty spectacular and met the brief far better than mine, I felt like a bit of a fraud for being there.

My Dad sent me a text last night with a heads up that a package was on its way and this morning I was woken up at some ungodly hour by a lot of door knocking. I answered the knocking in my pj's, which aren't so much pj's as a giant unbuttoned shirt, a threadbare singlet and the longest socks you've ever seen.
*note to self: invest in proper pyjamas so you don't embarrass the shit out of yourself and the post man in future.
i took the giant box sheepishly off the postman, trying desperately to retain as much of my dignity as possible, closed the door and popped it on the floor and crawled back into bed.

When I finally got up and went to unwrap it you can imagine i was pretty cussing excited to discover a light box!

*excuse the shit ass quality, yes, i know i said it wasn't going to come to the use of the camera phone but alas, it has.

I was up unable to sleep until about 3 this morning drawing contentedly but wishing for a light box so that i could trace my roughs without the aid of a window...which would be a highly impractical thing to be using at 3 in the morning.

In short, I'm ecstatic and can't wait to sit down and draw the hell out of everything knowing that what sketchy, shitty drawings i have made, i can trace off and refine! So, HORRAH! And a big thanks to my Ma and Pa for being so flipping awesome and supporting my drawing habit. I love you!