December 13, 2010

lazy me

I haven't done anything in weeks (well, it feels that way!) So, here, eat old photos.

These were taken on a Canon AE-1 that my dad gave me. I love this camera to bits.

December 1, 2010

what tuesday nights are good for

this youtubed version sounds a little wack but i highly recommend that you get the real album and listen to it proper-like.

it is such an excellent song. you'll see.

it makes me think of hot evenings and sweaty brows. dresses and icy cold ones.

November 25, 2010

I missed you, cardigan.

You've never quite been the same since that accidental warm wash at the Laundromat.
At first you went missing for a month after a party. Then I left you in the bottom of a green bag in the back of a friends car for eleven months.

Today I finally went to get you. It's been a really cold, lonely winter without you. But you're back now and I'm going to make sure that I hold on to you a little tighter.

certainly pedestrian

I am not crazy about this poster, that's for sure. However, I am crazy about the glyphs pallet in Bickham Script Pro and Whitney.

I played around a lot with this one, for better or worse. Some of the little roughs will probably be good for some other things. So, it's not all bad...but it is a little crummy.

November 20, 2010



The biggest plus side of not having money is having time to just sit around on the floor and draw.

Lowtide Poster

A friend asked if I would like to do a poster for his band. Here it is. I spent a while trying to draw something, then realised it was a silly idea and went ahead with some photos. I'm slowly warming to photoshop.

If you don't know them, you should give Lowtide (previously Three Month Sunset) a listen. They have such an excellent sound.

November 15, 2010

Things that make me happy:

Last monday I went to my friend's place and we played a little $3 Strawberry Shortcake Uno (I lost something like 4 to 11), we drank cider, ate dinner and watched Machete outside. It was pretty awesome.

Flowers on Lygon Street.

Cat watch with Kat. Check out that pile of baby cats. We were beside ourselves.

These gardens give me serious garden envy. The lemon tree is a particular favourite of mine. Give me that yard, a nice day, a little radio and a good book any day.

A nice simple sign, some good colours and patterns.

And finally, banana bread straight from the oven and weekend buckwheat pancakes. You can't beat them.

November 8, 2010



A poster I did for The Parking Lot Experiments, who are playing at The Workers Club's 1st Birthday Bash this weekend. Exciting.

I've been on a bit of a drawing bender the last few days. Lot's of hand drawn type. A few squiggly illustrations. I think my favourite part of this whole poster is the number cloud. My least favourite part is definitely the word birthday...

November 1, 2010

break my heart

(image from: Toothpaste Frosting)

I like Catrina Dulay, she's a girl after my own heart* She also creates some really awesome work. Her "In A Perfect World" collection of illustrations are particularly good but the image above is one that I absolutely adore. She says:
"Now when you tear it apart, you can at least do it carefully with the added benefit of cleanliness. It's a playful... and sad."

Playful and sad might be two of my favourite things.

*she believes in breakfast for dinner

a little inspiration for a cold monday

Steve Powers aka ESPO does these awesome hand painted murals. I really adore his work. A while ago he was featured on The Selby and something about him made an impression on me. I think it might be the honesty, or maybe the colour schemes, or perhaps it's the fact that his work is done by hand?

Anyway, Kitsune Noir featured some of his works in progress a couple of days ago. And so I checked it out a little further.

This one grabbed my attention immediately:

(via Kitsune Noir)

And then this pretty much killed me:

(via Steve Power's First and Fifteenth.)


You should most definitely check him out!

October 30, 2010

A LOT more time on my hands

Unemployment and this ridiculous lethargy means that I've been at home a lot more than usual. But it's been kind of nice to rest up and do some well missed activities. For example, last weekend I stayed at home, watched Dead Man and drew a little.

It's nowhere near finished but I haven't been in the right frame of mind for tree drawing since, but it will come.

I gave into an overwhelming need to mother some plants. With any luck, these will not suffer the same fate as the last. I really forgot how great it is having your own herbs. I love these guys already and it kind of makes our lack of garden space bearable.

While I was potting those babies, I remembered that a while ago I plotted to make a tiny terrarium. I've had an old Glasshouse candle container sitting in my kitchen for months and months to remind me. Today I had enough of it sitting there on the windowsill, looking empty, gathering dust.

I bookmarked a whole lot of reference material when I first hatched the plan after being inspired by one in Obus.
Terrarium Man has a hell of a lot of information on how to get started. But it was the pictures on this blog that got me going. How great are the images from Better Homes and Gardens? Actually, the pictures from The A Treasury of Things to Make by the editors of Sphere Magazine might even be a little better? Maybe?

I couldn't start it today as I need to go on a scouting mission to collect gravel, various little plant clippings, moss and twigs, etc. and the weather today was pretty...rainy. Also, I felt flat as a pancake, so I wasn't going anywhere.
Instead I thought about what I could possibly put in the little thing. An old work friend told me about Moss Stories yeeeeeears ago and I found the work by Marguerite Keyes so completely impressive. It was the itsy-bitsy house that came to mind at first, but it was THIS:
that did it for me. My train of thought came back to Dead Man and reached the logical Tipi conclusion. A tent/Tipi meant that I could improvise with materials. And so I started to work out how I was going to make the little guy.

I started on one and wasn't sure it was quite right, so I started on another. Here they are in progress. Fiddly work!

Finished! They weren't very complicated. They are made of/with: an old ikea pencil, canvas scraps, plenty (haha, hardly!) of glue, masking tape, markers and thread.

I had so many wooden splinters lying around that I thought I might as well make them a little's glitter.

This was supposed to give you some kind of an idea about scale but it just kind of looks like a bomb hit my desk. You can see the soon to be terrarium in the background. I started with my charcoal layer...the rest will come very soon. I am promising myself right now that it's not going to become a charcoal house. ugh.

So this Saturday night, instead of celebrating Halloween or seeing some really good bands, I stayed at home and made tiny Tipi's...telling myself all the while that no, I am NOT mad.

October 22, 2010

i forget

I forget to post these things when I do them, this is gosh, from May?

October 16, 2010


They are good.

I'm in the process of creating a summer mixtape. So far, I've got my track list down and now all I need is some sort of packaging.

For some summer inspiration, I decided to flick through some old photos. These are from a particularly fun weekend outside of Lorne a few years ago:

I've been working on some mediore drawing things which I shall scan and mash things together in photoshop. then it's just a print, burn, fold, put that in there, etc, et voila, summer mixtape.

October 13, 2010

October 9, 2010


I get the Monty Python lumberjack song stuck in my head whenever I look that this one. This guy has been kicking around some of my sketchbooks for a rather long while... in several forms (I might do a progression post type of thing maybe). But I'm fairly sure this is his final form, his name be Joe Lumberjack. He takes his lumber quite seriously and lives in a log cabin deep in the heart of a forest somewhere in America, he can build furniture and a mean fire. And does this guy know a thing or two about fishing, birds and squirrels. That's all I've got on him so far.

Detail. He is watercolour and pencil on Arches.

fox hat watercolour

This is a full watercolour version. It's pretty different to the original. I'm happy with the fox but the girl just doesn't do it for me in colour. But! sometimes these things need to be done. Add too much and then subtract!

This little photo fellow is a little on the blurry side, but it gives you some idea about the details! Watercolour on Arches.

hold fast

As I've had a lot of time on my hands, I've been drawing a bit. I was messing with a this for a while, there were a few variations but I settled on this and then decided to transform it from pencil on paper to needlepoint. It still needs a little work I think, it could definitely flow better, the f and a...really not right but still, it's a start. Perhaps I'll do another. I plan to hang this one up some place.

October 5, 2010

fox hat

i don't usually post half-finished because, well. i just don't. but i sort of like this just as a pencil drawing. i've started photoshop/illustrator work on it but i don't know. if it weren't for a severe lack of decent paint brushes at home here in adelaide (they are all in melbourne, or here but caked in acrylic paint...or glue. way. to. go.) i think i would be inclined to colour it by hand. maybe?


see no speak no

September 23, 2010

Just when you thought it was safe to pop your head out of the woods

A run down before I was run down:

Ghost patrol
The dude is king of all woodsy, Zelda inspired? type of drawings. Hands down. Love what he does. Tents and bundles of sticks and intricate little Seurat-pointy creatures. Melts my heart. I wish I could create work like him. I really do.

Timba Smits, amazing style. Really exciting work. For me anyway. I've looked through stacks of old newsprint and magazines in my time and the dude just gets how to evoke that kind of old-worldly (I hate to say vintage (..Too commonplace?)) style.
Spectacular colour schemes. He knows how to execute a work perfectly. I have a totally lame, designer crush* on him. His work just stands out for me in a sea of other printed matter...I just dig. OK?

The guys/girls in between were all good and I enjoyed what they did and seeing their process was great, I adore these conferences for this reason alone, it's far better than reading any book or magazine article. Seeing them in the flesh, discussing with you what they are passionate about really does it for me. If I could be that good, man...I don't know what.

Buck, another big stander-outer for me. Loads of animation (I was excited by their rotoscoping and stop motion stuff), lots of awesome colour (I will not say pop colours, I will not), really playful. You can just tell these guys do it with heart. Which is also important to me? The proof is in the pudding, you seriously need to check out their love jobs. The work they did for the Sundance Film Festival was pretty epic and really beautiful...and fun too. Golden trio? I think so?

Anyway...enough banter
(not really)

On the plane to Adelaide (thanks ma and pa!)
I read an article on this fellow called Damon Kowarsky. He was talking about his time in Cairo and this one part (that, might have been a pull-quote but whatever) really stood out for me....(no shit?) He had a favourite restaurant which he hadn't visited in about four years. He went back and the waiter(?) looked at his watch and said to him something along the lines of: it's been four years, welcome back. Pretty awesome. His work is nice and simple but wonderfully drawn (I think so at least).

Cairo III, Damon Kowarsky

I was talking to a friend about cats (surprise, surprise) and I remembered this Dave Eggers print I saw somewhere...(apparently it's in a book he did, It Is Right to Draw Their Fur: Animal Renderings by Dave Eggers)


I love being home. Cats, cups of tea, family, garden, books and movies galore. It's easy to forget who you are sometimes. Coming home really puts my head back on the right way (face forward, not behind.... well maybe I'll do the odd glance backwards, it's important after all to remember to look back before you move forward...I think?)

ENOUGH! You say.
I'll draw something sometime and post it perhaps?

*Designer crush...I sound like a total up-my-own-ass-douche-bag, but in all honestly, I think he's pretty tops in terms of what he does as a designer. Just saying.

September 8, 2010


colour scheme.

Right now it occurred to me that I had said to a friend of mine (Lil!) that I would create a colour scheme based on her lovely cat, Lola. I was house sitting Lola recently so she's pretty much at the forefront of my mind (she is of cat after all). This one is for Lola. Funny little thing!

August 28, 2010

My Bloody Valentine blow my brains out.

I'm pretty self conscious about my lack of music knowledge BUT headphones on, these guys blasting, listening to every single steel-wool fuzzy twangy guitar part blisses me out.
Thinking about the complexity of their sound, truly pining to find out exactly what Kevin Shields' process is. Knowing only that you have a ripped off copy and then instantly feeling like the worst person alive. The sound pixelation (correct term unknown?) Add it's own little touch. Loveless: compression remix. Eat this:

A Mille-feuille-type wall of sound... But then again, perhaps it's more like a luxurious yoghurt?

If I were to make a friendship type bracelet, it would be like one of those woven WWJD numbers but it would read: WWKSD? Because whatever he flipping does he does it right.

Later, I would read this on an entirely reputable source of wiki-information:
"I always just wanted to be like Johnny Ramone. Just be really good at one thing. I think because I was never dexterous, and because I never really learned how to play a scale, or lead guitar, or anything, but because I still wanted to be expressive, that made me use the tremolo arm, which gave me something to work with for a long time. I really get off on hearing, I can't even really describe it, the difference between hitting the same chord one way or another way, and the subtleties within that. So in that respect, more so than flashier guitar players, I can play and it sounds like the amp is turned down real low, and then play and it sounds like it's on really loud. Control."
...The dude is hands-down amazing.

Ultimate nerddom!

At work today I made my manager an email. She was feeling low because the day was off to a slow start (too much party). She ended up making budget. So, hooray.

The email looked a little something like this:

good luck


What I drew

Earlier, I felt pent up.
Now, I'm not quite spent. But a little relieved.

no more sorry is an excellent song

Make-do Lola House